Belize E-Rider Electric Bike

Belize Bicycle E Rider  $1800.00

e bike
Belize E Rider easy riding electric bike


The E-RIDER is a 26″ wheel lightweight alloy framed bicycle with front suspension and electric rear wheel hub motor. Equipped with a 350 watt motor the bike can reach a top speed of 25-30kph.

The lightweight 14Ah Lithium-ion power-pack will allow for up to 40 kilometers on a charge depending upon speed and conditions. Pedaling can be done while using the throttle to help extend the range. The speed of the bike can be controlled with the twist throttle and/or by pedaling and changing the gears of the Shimano six speed transmission. There are also 5 levels of powered pedal assist where the motor will automatically activate to help you when you pedal.

The E-Rider comes fully equipped with a headlight, taillight, bell, disk brakes, ignition switch, battery charge indicator, adjustable handlebar stem, luggage rack, fenders and a smart battery charger.


  • + 5 power level pedal assist can more than double the range using Level 1
  • + Higher levels help you in hill climbing
  • + You can also control the speed with the twist throttle
  • + 7 speed Shimano transmission so the correct gear is always available
  • + An LED headlight/tail-light
  • + Ignition switch
  • + LCD programmable monitor
  • + Adjustable handlebar stem
  • + Luggage rack
  • + Fenders
  • + Rear mount kickstand
  • + Battery charger
  • + Maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs.

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EVO Breezeway step thru MSRP $3600.00 Sale price $2500.00

Driven by a fun-inspiring BionX drivetrain, the Breezeway is an easy-to-ride, comfortable eBike perfect for afternoon rides through the park or navigating the city streets.


Powered by a Bionx 48 volt 350 watt system
Put the fun back into cycling with the easy to ride Bionx Breezeway!
Simple step thru design with comfort in mind.


EVO HB1 with Bionx 48volt 350 watt system MSRP $2750.00 Sale Price $2250.00

EVO HB 1 with rear rack battery mount.

Video review on the HB 1 by Electric Bike Review


EVO HB 1 with Bionx 48 volt 350 watt mid mount battery

MSRP $2750.00 Sale price $2250.00

EVO MD 1 with Shimano STEPS system and hydraulic disc brakes MSRP$3599.00 Sale price $2500.00

EVO MD 1 with Shimano STEPS system

The Evo Step MD1 is an electric bike that’s powered by the award winning Shimano Steps mid drive system. Long range, fantastic performance and an ultra quiet motor make this an ideal bike for those riders looking for a reliable and fun urban commuting or recreational electric bike. With the central mounted drive and lithium Ion battery the Shimano Steps system delivers up to 125 km’s of range between recharges! With recharge times of under 4 hours and no memory these batteries are ideal for any journey.

Equipped with quality components you can rest assured knowing that the Evo Step MD1 is built to last. From the high quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano derailleur, Schwalbe puncture resistant tires and the lightweight and strong aluminum 6061 frame.

New EVO HB 1 with a used Bionx 36volt 350 watt kit $1500.00

Brand new EVO HB 1 27 speed bike with a used (under 1000km) kit. 36 volt rack mount battery, 350 watt motor, re gen braking, 90km range.

Belize Leaning Electric Trike

The E-Trike LT leaning electric tricycle has a novel feature that is operated by a lever on the handlebar. The rider flips the lever and the front frame section can lean left or right into corners while the rear wheels stay steady. This feature is ideal for those who prefer the “leaning” feel of a bicycle. By having the ability to lean the trike when cornering there is additional stability and it is easier for bike riders to adapt to riding a three wheeler.

The battery pack is placed below the basket to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.

Leaning e-trike.
Leaning e-trike.

Perfect for Getting Around Town; Shopping, Visiting Friends & Exercising. Your Dog Will Also Love it.

…48 Volt Lithium-ion Batteries with Speeds of 25 kph and a 40 Plus kilometre Range Per Charge.

The E-Trike LT Operates in Electric Power Mode and Also has a Pedal Assist Mode which Makes Pedaling Almost Effortless but Extends the Battery Power and Gives Some Exercise.

Approximately 5 Feet in Length & 22 inches Wide. This Lightweight Electric Tricycle Makes It Ideal for Smaller Size Riders and Storing.

E-Trike LT has a Reverse Gear, Twist Throttle, Removable Battery for Recharging  Indoors, Key Start, 285 lb Weight Limit, 2 Baskets, LED Headlight & Taillight, Reflectors, Fenders, Low Step Thru Frame and Large Comfort Saddle with Springs…

The E-Trike LT is Leaning Electric Tricycle.  A Unique Feature that is Operated By a Lever on the Handlebar. The Rider Flips the Lever and the Front Frame Section Can Lean Left or Right into Corners while the Rear Wheels Stay Steady.


” Top Speed: 25kph.
” Range: 20Km, dependent on rider weight, pedaling and terrain
” Weight: 65 pounds with battery
” Battery: Lithium w/battery charger
” Operating voltage: 48V
” Motor: Brushless 350W
” Brake type: Rear band brake and front V-brake
” Wheels: 20″ front, 20″ rear
” Frame: Articulating for easy cornering & very low step-over
” Forks: BMX style dropouts
” Seat: Large comfort saddle with springs
” Accessories: Included are LED headlight & taillight, front and rear basket,
battery power indicator with power level selector, key switch, forward or reverse switch, fenders, reflectors
” Available in red

EVO Toba HB1 Disc Ebike Long Range

EVO Toba HB1

Lightweight, long range ebike with hydraulic disc brakes and 27 speed Shimano drivetrain.  Perfect for commuting, errand running, or just getting around.

500w e bike
EVO Toba HB1 with the 500 watt motor and 48v 11.6ah battery with a 130km range

Initial impression is that this is a very quick, comfortable easy to ride bike. And it is. At 47.5 pounds it is lighter that most other ebikes too.

The bike itself features a Shimano 27 speed drivetrain with a Deore rear derailleur and Acera rapidfire shifters. The crankset is 28/38/48 teeth which makes for good speed and efficiency. A bonus is the pant guard to keep your trousers clean on the way to work.

In addition to the regenerative braking that the Bionx system provides the HB1 is equipped with  Tektro Hydraulic brakes for excellent stopping power.

The alloy wheels are double walled for strength and have Schwable Marathon Green Guard (flat prevention) tires with reflective sidewalls.

bionx 500watt
Schwable Marathon Green Guard tires with 3mm puncture protection.
The HB1 features Tektro's hydraulic disc brakes with the Bionx regenerative switch.
The HB1 features Tektro’s hydraulic disc brakes with the Bionx regenerative switch.

The HB1 also has a built-in mount for the ebike kickstand that is included.

The Bionx system

The HB1 comes equipped with the 2016 Bionx 500w 48v D series kit. Assist levels are 35, 75, 150, and 300% of the power that the load sensor senses that you are putting into the pedals.

BionX motors offer you powerful proportional electric assist in any situation, whether it’s a commute across town in the morning, or a weekend ride through the countryside. But did you know they can also act as a generator to help recharge your battery and boost your range?

All BionX systems come with Regenerative Braking, so when you squeeze your bike’s brake lever, energy is sent back to the Li-Ion batteries, helping them recharge. And if you are traveling down a steep hill and want some extra braking, or want a greater workout as you pedal, switch the BionX system into one of the four Generate Mode levels. You’ll feel resistance, and even more energy is returned to the battery pack.

The new distinctive design is noise and vibration free with generate/regenerative braking mode and proven strain gauge technology. The D-series motor is extremely sporty, lightweight and powerful – sticking to the principle, that an ebike has to ride and feel like a bicycle.



Evo step thru Bionx electric bike

Evo e-bikes use the Bionx system to make your ride sweat free and fun. Lightweight and long-range with regenerative braking make the Bionx the system of choice.

bionx e-bike
Bionx powered Toba step thru bike with 100km range

Motor: 350 W, high torque, lighter motor

2 battery options:
– Long range: 48 V x 6.6 Ah 90 km
– Extra Long Range: 48 V x 8.8 Ah 105 km
– 6061 aluminium frame with internal cables
– Double wall alloy wheels with extra-strong spokes for electric bike
– Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard tires with 3 mm anti-flat protection
– 3 x 8 drivetrain with Shimano Alivio rear derailleur
– One-piece alloy pedals with TPE top
– Megasoft Cruiser Classic 240-XL saddle
– Adjustable seat post, stem and handlebar
– Tektro 855AL V-brakes
– Tektro alloy lever with connection on right lever for generative brake
– Comfortable ergonomic grips

Other Accessories:
– Kickstand for electric bike
– Tubus rear carrier
– Painted fenders, same color as the bike
– Battery
– Tail lamp on battery
– Bell
– Chain cover